The following is a partial directory for conferences, journals, and research networks. Research groups and companies will be added later.

Conferences: The below is a partial list of upcoming conferences which will have  structural fire engineering topics. A more complete list can be found here.

Journals : Membership in IAFSS provides free online access to Fire Safety Journal, Fire Technology and the archives of IAFSS (including its symposiums).

  • Case Studies in Fire Safety (Elsevier): Papers on application of fire science
  • Combustion and Flame (Elsevier): Papers  are on fuel behavior
  • Fire and Materials (Wiley): Papers deal with material response to fire
  • Fire Safety Journal (Elsevier): Covers all aspects of fire safety engineering
  • Fire Safety Science News (IAFSS): News from consultancy companies and small papers published quarterly. Limited peer review.
  • Fire Technology (Springer): Scope has been expanded to deal with the structural fire interface
  • Journal of Structural Engineering (ASCE): About 5-8 papers a year of decent quality
  • Journal of Structural Fire Engineering (Emerald): Papers are typically expanded SIF and ASFE conference proceedings which were not published in other mediums.

Research networks: A list is provided below for common research networks

Though not necessarily a research network this link is quite useful for fire safety engineering concepts.