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Lets get right to it – students want to make a difference. Students want to know that what they are researching is important. As a Fire Safety Engineer you can work towards both saving people’s lives and preventing misery in the lives of others. Its a professional skill set and is unique having the graduating student stand out as one of a kind.

Studying fire safety at Carleton University:

Fire Safety Engineering is an emerging topic which is both challenging and rewarding to study at the graduate level. There is a global need for qualified fire safety engineers to make people, infrastructure and the environment safe from the effects of fire.  There is a lot of potential in this field for graduating with great job prospects in both national and international work environments. There are however very few universities that offer both a comprehensive set of courses and diverse research opportunities that focus on fire safety engineering that can prepare you for these jobs.

In the Department of Civil and Environmental engineering at Carleton University, such a program which is strong in both teaching and research experience is offered.  Students can take up to 7 courses in fire safety engineering: two fire behavior classes; Structural material behavior in fire; Human behavior, Fire modelling, Timber in fire, and a class on Fundamentals of Fire Safety Engineering. Research can encompass aspects of: Structural, Environmental, Geotechnical, Chemical, Mechanical, and Transportation engineering. The university offers a two year research masters degree, and a four year doctoral degree with emphasis in this program. Typically, if students are admitted they begin studies in January, May or September.

Applying for a graduate research degree under my supervision:

NEW!: Prospective Students in Canada interested in a Master’s theses in Fire Safety Engineering are particularly encouraged to apply for consideration of a fully funded project in Timber in Fire for use in Canadian design.

More details on this timber subject can be found here

I am always looking for potential graduate students (MASc or PhD) to supervise in this subject area who have very strong team spirit, communication, writing, ethics, initiative, curiosity and (most importantly) creativity. Students applying should have a B+ average or higher (9.0+ / 12.0 on Carleton’s grading scale).

Prior to applying, I encourage prospective students interested in working with me on a graduate research project to first review my current research described on this website, and then to email to chat about possibilities and openings.

When emailing me, prospective students should compose a letter which: describes their relevant skill sets and their experience as pertaining to research we perform; outlines their career goals; and provides a well-articulated position statement that addresses the theme – ‘defining appropriate education for developing Fire Safety Engineering in Canada and abroad’. In your position statement you should discuss your opinions on the topic of ‘enhancing WSTEM and Diversity in higher education’. The letter should be included as text in your sent email. Pdf and/or doc files will not be opened. Your letter should note class standing as well (x ranking out of y). Emails that do not follow this procedure will be ignored. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted afterwards and invited to submit their CV.

Qualified Canadian students are provided with competitive funding packages which can cover tuition and living expenses.

Qualified International students may be provided with funding packages that are partial to tuition and living expenses.

Undergraduate and CO-OP Internships:

I am a strong believer in undergraduate research opportunities and generally hire about 4 to 6 students annually. Carleton University undergraduate students are encouraged to inquire about summer (May-August) employment or part time semester work (Sept-April). Students typically apply in early spring. Students whom  have demonstrated an exceptional effort and achievement in my undergraduate courses are encouraged to inquire. Students should have a minimum cpga of 9.0/12.0 in their third and fourth year courses. In exceptional circumstances (interest level, extracurricular involvement, and leadership potential), I will consider those below a 9.0 cgpa.

Carleton University undergraduate students entering 4th year status are encouraged to inquire about our undergraduate research thesis program (Sept-March). Students typically apply for one of two placements in late February the year of commencing. Students should have a minimum cpga of 9.0/12.0 in their third and fourth year courses of study to be considered, and a strong interest to pursue post graduate studies after graduation. In exceptional circumstances I will consider those below 9.0 cgpa. Placements are decided  on interest level, extracurricular involvement, and leadership potential.

Carleton University entrance

Carleton University is a green campus with many environmental initiatives and programmes. The campus is well known for its  green spaces.

Living in Ottawa:

Light show on parliament hill

Light show on parliament hill

The fire safety group at Carleton University is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Carleton University is a dynamic research and teaching institution with a tradition of leading change. Its internationally recognized faculty, staff, and researchers provide more than 26,000 full- and part-time students from every province and more than 100 countries around the world with academic opportunities in more than 80 programs of study. Carleton’s creative, interdisciplinary, and international approach to research has led to many significant discoveries and creative work in science and technology, business, public policy and administration, and the arts. Minutes from downtown, Carleton University is located on a stunning campus in the central portion of Ottawa, bordered by the Rideau River on one side, and the Rideau Canal on the other.  With over 12 national museums and the spectacular Gatineau Park close by, there are many excellent recreational opportunities for individuals and families to enjoy. The City of Ottawa itself, with a population of almost one million, is Canada’s capital city and reflects the country’s bilingual and multicultural character. Carleton’s location in the nation’s capital provides many opportunities for employment for prospective students upon graduation.

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