Dr. John Gales is currently an Assistant Professor at Carleton University in Ottawa. He received his structural engineering doctorate from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom in 2013. He received his masters degree in 2009 at Queen’s University Canada. Dr. Gales’ primary research interests include resilient structural design, sustainable construction materials, and repurposing (or adaptation) of building infrastructure. His resilient structures work considers both timber and steel structures and is part of an international collaboration with the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and Imperial College in the United Kingdom. His primary industry collaborators are the consulting firms Arup and Entuitive. He is one of four Task Group Chairs in the Fire Protection Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers and is Chair of the sub-committee on Fire Behaviour and Safety of Structures of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers.

He has sat on the editorial board of Fire Technology (Springer-Nature) since 2013 and has  joined the editorial board of Fire and Materials (John Wiley) as Associate Editor. To date he has over 80 science and technology contributions on the topics of concrete, steel, composite polymer, timber-based structures, human behaviour in emergencies, and architecture.


Our research team’s interests are quite diverse, but fundamentally we want to grow Fire Safety Engineering in North America and abroad. Shown above is the current skyline of London which people can draw inspiration from.

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